"My love of nature started at a young age. I find myself enchanted by things many people may not notice like a piece of moss, a tiny insect or a stone I might find along a river bank. These natural objects are treasures to me and I enjoy using them in my jewelry design. The wild beauty and intricate details found all around us are often overlooked so I do my best to share them with others."

Jamie Stephens 

Jamie Stephens is a local artist currently working out of Birmingham , AL. She graduated from the University of Montevallo with a B.F.A. in Graphic Design. Shortly after graduation, Jamie started working for Golden Flake Snack Foods, Inc. as a package designer. Her career at Golden Flake provided many opportunities to use her knowledge of graphic design, but lacked in artistic creativity. To settle her creative urges, she made jewelry in her free time with mixed objects, beads and gemstones. Rock collecting was one of her many passions, so making jewelry with these small treasures seemed like a perfect fit.

Jewelry by Jamie Booth

Even as a child, Jamie loved nature and would spend her time searching for small flowers, insects or rocks to share with her friends and family. Her appreciation of the small and beautiful are reflected in her jewelry designs. As a jewelry artist, she uses unique gemstones and minerals along with vintage objects to create pieces with a bohemian style. Jamie says she likes little things, and that’s why most of her work is delicate and detailed. References to nature can be seen throughout her jewelry such as feathers, leaves and birds.

Jewelry by Jamie- Necklaces

When Jamie is not working on jewelry, she enjoys traveling, taking infrared photography with her husband, Michael, and spending time with her pets.

Jamie under the Northern Lights in Southern Iceland

You can contact Jamie at, through the contact link or send a message via Facebook.