Frequently Asked Questions

These are just a few questions I get asked but if you have any other questions, just send a message and I will get back to you. Thanks, Jamie

How do you make your jewelry?

I use a technique called electroforming but also incorporate wire wrapping for some pieces. Electroforming is a method in which an object is coated with a conductive paint and suspended in a copper acid solution for about 16 to 24+hrs while an electrical current pulls copper from one source and deposits/ grows it onto another. The process is unique and can be unpredictable making each piece of jewelry one of a kind.

How long have you been electroforming jewelry?

I have been making electroformed jewelry for about 7 yrs. I taught myself the basics by watching videos and researching the internet. The process of making jewelry with organics requires patience and skill which I learn by trial and error. I continue to improve my technique by experimenting with different methods and mediums.

Do you only work with copper?

Yes. I currently only use copper for my electroformed pieces but I may offer silver pieces in the future.

Are you available for custom orders?

I have on occasion made custom pieces for customers, however I can not say for sure I can do all custom requests.
If you are interested in a custom design, please send a message including a brief description of your project using the Contact link or an email to info@jewelrybyjamie.com. I will be happy to review your request and let you know either way if I can create your custom design.

Are your necklace chains made of copper?

Most of my chains are not copper. They are made of brass, metal alloy or iron with a vintage copper tone finish. I also use faux leather, leather, copper, stainless steel and silver chains. Each necklace item will have the type of chain or cord noted in the description details. All chains are free of lead, nickel and cadmium.

Will your jewelry cause discoloration on my skin?

There are many benefits to wearing copper. All of my jewelry is left unsealed to allow natural aging, patina and absorption through the body. Copper worn against the skin can leave a dark mark but this is not harmful and very common. This occurs most often when wearing copper rings, but can easily be remedied by painting the inside of your ring with clear nail polish. The coating will need to be replaced from time to time but this is a way to prevent discoloration on the skin. If you would like more information on the benefits of wearing copper, please visit The Magic of Copper page.

How do I clean and care for my copper jewelry?

Copper will age and change color over time. This process is called patina. Many people enjoy the look of natural darkened copper but if you would like to slow this process down you can take these simple steps.

Caring for your copper jewelry is very simple. The easiest way to clean your pieces is with a silver polishing cloth. You can find these at your local Wal-mart or Amazon.com. They are very simple to use and will bring the shine back to your copper jewelry. Follow the directions and simply polish your jewelry regularly to keep it looking new.

***PLEASE NOTE: If you have a dark or colored patina, the use of a polishing cloth will remove it!***
For pieces with a patina, you may use mild soapy water and damp rag to remove surface grime and dirt. Rinse with clear water and dry thoroughly with a soft towel. Allow the piece to air dry completely before storing.

Make sure to store your jewelry in a dark, cool dry place when not in use. I recommend keeping your pieces in individual zip lock bags to slow down the aging process. You can also purchase anti tarnish paper to place inside the bags.

Remove your jewelry prior to showering, strenuous activities, exercising or swimming. Exposure to cosmetics, perfume, lotion, sweat, extreme temperatures or long periods of sunlight can cause your jewelry to age faster and may damage pieces made with resin.

Jewelry items can be delicate and may shatter if dropped. Be mindful when removing your jewelry and always keep jewelry away from small children and pets.

Where do you get your crystals from?

I use many different types of rocks and crystals in my designs. I like to handpick them and generally purchase my rocks at gem shows. Some specimens are not available at shows and I source them from international lapidary companies. There are many vendors available online but I do not like purchasing like this unless it is a trusted source.

Where do the source your insects?

All of the insects used in my jewelry were found by myself or given to me by friends that found them already deceased. I am strongly against sourcing from website breeders or farms. My insects lived wild, free happy lives.

How do you ship your orders?

All items are shipped through the USPS. Most orders take 3-10 days for delivery. An assigned tracking number is provided to you at the time of shipping. I am not responsible for damaged, lost or stolen packages. I pack each item securely to ensure safe arrival. If you are aware of packages being stolen in your area, please take steps to prevent your item from being taken. Let me know by email or contact form if your would like to purchase insurance or require a signed signature delivery for an additional handling fee. I currently do not ship internationally.

Do you accept returns?

After one bad experience with a customer, I can no longer offer returns or exchanges. All sales are final.
Please shop with intention. Make sure to review all item descriptions and images. If you need more information about an item, please contact me. I can answer any questions or supply you with additional photos if needed.

Do you have a physical store?

I do not have a physical store but I do sell locally at art festivals and other venues in and around Birmingham, AL.
If you would like more information about my upcoming events, please follow me on Facebook and Instagram. I alert my followers of shows as they are scheduled.