Meet the Maker

The Naturalist

My love of nature started at a very young age. I spent most of my time outdoors, playing in the woods near my home. I explored many trails and spent most of my days looking for rocks and other natural treasures. As I got older my passion for the outdoors continued and so did my collection of beautiful things I found over the years.


As an artist, I enjoy working with different mediums and learning new techniques. Through my research, I learned of Electroforming and the ability to preserve organics such as flowers and butterflies with copper which was something that really peaked my interest. I already had a diverse collection of natural objects and electroforming provided a way for me to protect these treasures and transform them into jewelry.

My Art

Today, not much has changed. I am still enchanted by all the wonders created by Mother Nature. A piece of moss, a tiny insect or a stone found along a river bank, all of these are treasures to me and I enjoy using them in my art.

I incorporate plants, insects, natural crystals and gemstones to create one of a kind pieces with a rustic style. My jewelry collection includes electroformed copper organics, mixed media, resin and wire wrapped necklaces, bracelets, earrings and rings.

Learn More

If you would like more information about my work, contact me at or
send a DM on my Facebook or Instagram @jsteph1057

Thanks, Jamie